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Press Releases: 

26th May - FM leaders in EMEA turn to cobotics to drive innovation and performance in the wake of COVID-19  

12th May - FM leaders call for strategic partnerships and performance-based contracts to drive innovation

6th May 2020 - Whiz on shortlist for prestigious Innovation Award at Interclean Online 2020

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Whiz front shot
Whiz angle shot
Whiz with pager side shot
Whiz back angle
Whiz with console bars raised
Whiz and cleaner 2
Whiz and cleaner 1
Whiz open dust bin lid closeup
Whiz removed Hepa filter lid closeup
Whiz top angle closeup
Whiz digital console closeup
Whiz with Pager closeup
Whiz battery installation closeup



Stefano Bensi

Stefano Bensi

GM, SoftBank Robotics, EMEA

Nils van der Zijl

Nils van der Zijl

VP Sales and Marketing, SoftBank Robotics, EMEA


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